How Can Kenkoh Help My Knee, Leg, Hip & Back Pain?

If you’ve visited our Plantar Fasciitis page, you’ve already seen how Kenkohs provide excellent orthotic support for the feet. As the legs, knees, hips and back are simply extensions of the feet, Kenkohs can also help realign your entire body and improve your posture.

Plantar Fascia Pain Relief is Here

Some of the most common foot misalignments are over-pronation and over-supination.

In most people, these two motions of the feet develop slowly, almost imperceptibly over time from wearing unsupportive footwear or continually walking barefoot on hard surfaces.

Over-pronation: An inward collapsing of the medial arch (the big arch that runs down the inside of the foot). This collapsing causes an inward tilt to the foot and ankle and can cause the knees to rotate inward and the hips and back to be misaligned.

Over-supination: An outward roll of the medial arch. This roll causes an outward tilt to the foot and ankle and can cause the knees to rotate outward and the hips and back to be misaligned.

Kenkoh Footbeds Stimulate Healing

Over-pronation and over-supination can cause ligament and nerve problems in the knees, hips and back, and many cases of pain in the hips and back treated by chiropractors can often be traced to these two motions in the feet.

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By properly supporting all of the arches of the foot with their anatomical orthotic footbeds, Kenkoh Massage Sandals are key in helping to guard against the dangers of over-pronation and over-supination and the associated pain in the knees, legs, hips, and back that they can cause.

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