Want to recover faster and perform better?

What is it worth to you to easily remove excess lactic acid, increase oxygen flow, and speed your recovery times? It could mean that you can get in that extra run this week or better prepare for your next game.

Work in the Gym, Recover with Kenkoh Whether you’re a fitness nut or more of a casual mover, you’re probably familiar with lactic acid and the soreness and stiffness that can come along with it after periods of exercise. Recent studies have demonstrated that massage after a period of physical activity can not only speed the removal of lactic acid from muscle tissue but also help to increase oxygen flow to muscles and speed up the overall recovery process.
Increase Blood Flow with Kenkoh The massaging nodules on the Kenkoh footbed are made of natural latex and are specifically engineered to be soft enough to move and flex against the bottoms of our feet as we walk, much like the fingers of a skilled masseuse. This massaging action increases blood flow to the feet and lower legs, oxygenating that all-important part of the body while at the same time breaking up lactic acid crystals and assisting in the body’s expulsion of toxins.

Unlike competitors’ designs, which can often feature uncomfortable, overly-stiff nodules, Kenkohs offer a soft, soothing, therapeutic footbed that is also durable and easily washable.

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